Masters and Professionals

The Artists Kaiako Profiles:

Below are the first two Artist tutors that will take part in the initial development of the site, they will be presented as examples to get others onboard, so far, we are in discussions with a couple of other possible prospects who are potters.

Natanahira Pona - Professional Wood Carver

Carver Natanahira Pona a professional wood carver has many years’ experience in the carving of wood and other natural and manmade materials.

He combines traditional and contemporary carving styles in his classes, and you will learn about the origins of some of the Maori historical contexts and myths and legends that inform the practice.

Vjekoslav Nemesh - Master Oil Painter

Contemporary abstract oil painter Known as Nemesh, you will be able to learn how to use colour and texture to develop your own style of painting on canvas.