Mastering Art

Mastering Art is a website developed by an artist for artists and their students to communicate and learn directly.

Our Goal and Mission

To deliver the best quality learning experience in artistic techniques from New Zealand Artists to the world.

Each artist is a professional in their own right and have in some cases been teaching their classes to students for many years.

With the development of Covid-19 across the world many artists have been looking to set up online versions of their classes for their current and new students.  This website is dedicated to creating interactive online classes that showcase the amazing skills and diverse range of art practice across New Zealand.

Sean JG Hurst

Sean Hurst is the main videographer, with over 15 years experience in the Film, Television and theatre Sean has adult educational experience and is able to work with the Artist to develop their classes and film, edit and present high quality edits that show the techniques and skills each artist is presenting in their individual fields